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Challenging Perceptions

The program examines in detail the information fabric that makes up our newly digital lives in tax. For an industry buffeted by the growing headwinds of technology, it is the smart way forward.

   ✔ Meet the global tax digitalization challenge

   ✔ Streamline local and international tax processes

   ✔ Make technology & enterprise data work for you

   ✔ Thrive in the information-age as a tax professional

Course Outline

There are five self-study units (or parts) that make up the core of the Program. As a guideline, each part contains material equivalent to a one-day classroom course. So choose a pace that works for you, but we recommend it is completed within 6-8 weeks.

Part #1: Smart Tax Codes

The possibilities and pitfalls of enterprise tax data using Tax Codes as a prime example

Part #2: Smart Automation

The heartbeat of tax solutions and how it can support the entire enterprise, not just tax

Part #3: Smart Innovation

Realistic steps towards business mastery over tax digitalization with less risk and lower cost

Part #4: Smart Projects

How to optimize execution and realize quality within your organization & tech ecosystems

Part #5: Smart Accounting

Representing the data-driven tax function in financial terms, and measuring transformation

Added bonuses

 - Each part contains one or more FREE bonus items

 - A one hour 1-to-1 with the author

This Cyber Monday



I am happy to share that I got certified as a Foundational Taxologist! A big thanks to Geoff Peck for being an amazing mentor and teacher, and for providing an incredible support for this certification. Double the benefit, half the cost!

 Srdjan Timotic

- Head of Indirect Tax

When I began my training on tax technology with Geoff Peck, I expected to learn about tax technology and complete my initial approach to digital transformation. However, I found much more than I expected. I found an extremely insightful approach to tax transformation. A great professional that put time and effort to make this learning journey with me. And, at the end, someone who shared my approach to tax transformation, with whom I enjoyed very much to discuss.

Julia María Martínez Tapia

- Corporate and International Tax

What have been the most valuable outcomes I have been able to provide you with from our work together?

• Clarity of very important core concepts around what the problems are and where the solutions are.

• A very valuable presentation tool (the diagrams).

• Material/documentation that I can consult any time I need.

Lide Mendibil

- International VAT Manager

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